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Dec 14

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Great Lakes IT Services

Great Lakes IT provides on-site IT services with significant presence in downtown Chicago. Our team is expert in Microsoft client-server networks, including mixtures of all versions of Microsoft desktop environments and server products.  In addition we support and configure Linux servers and workstations. Our team is expert in backup solutions, spam and virus control, e-mail servers, Google Apps for business, remote access & VPN solutions,  disaster recovery, security solutions and evaluation, buggy desktop problems, and secure shared database and file access for companies.  Our team provides cutting edge e-commerce solutions. We are well versed in MIVA merchant, Zencart, Drupal, and Joomla web products.   We specialize in completely customized solutions for both MIVA Merchant 5 and for Joomla 1 and Joomla 1.5. Networking and Security - We provide design and maintenance for your data network including: Cisco hardware; connections for all flavors of DSL, T1, ATM, ISDN, and dial-up; firewalls; VPNs; switches; routers; bridges; web servers; wireless networks; network security analysis and monitoring; evolution planning; and hacker intrusion problems.  We can review your current network of servers, routers, workstations, sofware requirements, e-mail architecture, office locations, VPNs, firewalls, budget, and business requirements; fold in your future needs and staffing projections; and create a proposed 2 or 3 year growth plan for your network.  We can analyze your security architecture, set-up network sniffers, remove hacker intrusions, and provide stronger resistance from being compromised.

Client-Server Services - We provide design, installation, and maintenance for Microsoft & Linux servers; e-mail servers; SQL servers; evolution planning; Desktop application support; hardware installation and configuration; database design and maintenance; disaster recovery; backup solutions; security analysis, monitoring, and solutions; Spam and virus solutions; support for large e-mail distributions, clustered server design, and other general day-to-day I/T needs.

In the downtown Chicago loop, we will come to your office within 10-30 minutes to resolve urgent problems.
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